"A grandeza de uma nação e o seu progresso moral podem ser avaliados pela forma como trata os seus animais" - Gandhi

Primeiro apoio internacional chega da Índia

Hoje estamos felizes pois recebemos um email de incentivo de uma pessoa muito especial.
Trata-se de Maneka Anand Gandhi.
Para quem não sabe quem é Maneka Gandhi, eis um link onde poderão saber tudo sobre ela: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maneka_Gandhi
Actualmente é Presidente da People for Animals India.

Resumidamente, eis os prémios por ela recebidos até hoje:

  • Lord Erskine Award from the RSPCA, 1992;
  • Environmentalist and Vegetarian of the year 1994;
  • Prani Mitra Award, 1996;
  • Maharana Mewar Foundation Award, 1996 for Environmental work;
  • Marchig Animal Welfare Trust Prize, Switzerland, 1997;
  • Venu Menon Animal Allies Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award, 1999,
  • Bhagwan Mahaveer Award for Excellence in sphere of Truth, Non-violence & Vegetarianism, 1999;
  • Ahimsa and Sadbhawna Award, 1999;
  • Dewaliben Charitable Trust Award, 1999;
  • International Women`s Association Woman of the Year Award, Chennai, 2001 and
  • Dinanath Mangeshkar Aadishakti Puraskar in the field of Environment and animal welfare, 2001;
  • Delivered the Schumacher Address in U.K., 1995; Key-note Speaker

Eis, integralmente, o teor do email que hoje nos enviou:

" I am delighted that a Party for Animals has started in Portugal .
I am sure that, even if it does not win seats to begin with, it will still be instrumental in bringing animals into the consciousness of politicians and into the national debate.

Since we have so little time left for survival, it is strange that we have not understood that there is a limit to which we can kill every other species without killing ourselves.

This has been evident for centuries: the increase in meat eating, the artificial increase in animals grown for eating, the destruction of the oceans and their inhabitants, the dreadful use of animals to create jobs for “scientists” resulting in false medical data which actually blocks true medical solutions , the destruction of green cover for “ development” - which is another way of inventing projects to keep contractors happy and the killing of animals in the wild as sport , the use of animal parts for “ fashion” …….

Can one say that the human has achieved anything after all this suffering except the increase of cancers and other diseases , the increase in unhappiness, the increase in violence towards each other and the rapid hurtling towards the end of the world for all.

Swami Vivekananda , one of India ’s greatest philosophers , went to America – he was the first Hindu monk to do so, in the late 19th Century. As he neared Chicago he said he could see a huge black cloud over it and he heard nothing except the sounds of pain rising to the skies. He said it was the most awful thing he had felt . He found that the animal stockyards – animals being sent for slaughter all over America - were in Chicago . It was also the centre of all the violent gangs and all the crime and criminals in America . This is not a coincidence. Insensitivity is not selective. If you insensitive to one pain , you are to all others as well.

There is a point to which nature will take the killing of her children and then suddenly all is lost for all – the killers and the killed. Have we reached this point? Perhaps we can still pull back. But the most important way would be to stop eating animals.
Immediately there will be a lessening of pain, a relief to the forests, a change in the human heart and mind, a stoppage of wars….

Everything good will happen at once. But are we headed in this direction?
2008 was the year in which humans ate the most meat since the beginning of our species. Even environmentalists and “animal welfare” people make excuses for the same.
So does Al Gore, the icon. So is there hope for the planet ?
Not until parties like yours bring this debate and these facts to the public in the shortest time possible and in the most determined way.

I wish you every success. Industries and vested interests will try and stop you by calling you “ impractical “ and “ foolish” and “irrelevant” and accuse you of caring more for animals than people.
They will also use the nonsensical argument of job creation in the meat industry to justify themselves – as if the creation of jobs for butchers and meat packagers will make up for the destruction of the rest of the world. Ignore them and push on.
You have science and the truth on your side.

With warm regards to all of you in Partido Pelos Animais

Maneka Gandhi "

Publicado por PPA no dia 30 de maio de 2009

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